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Creo View Mobile

针对 iPad 和 iPhone 的 3D CAD 查看器软件下载

Instantly Visualize 3D Creo Models

Instantly visualize 3D Creo View models on your iPad or iPhone. This includes models developed in other CAD tools and then published in the PTC Creo View format. Wherever you are, Creo View Mobile gives you up-to-date product visibility.

Creo View Mobile Features and Benefits:

  • Instantly view CAD models from wherever you are located

  • A simple, intuitive user interface with familiar multi-touch gestures to interrogate 3D models

  • See exploded views and related components in 3D. Use view sets to see multiple perspectives of a model

  • Improve collaboration between vendors, partners and customers, as well as disparate team members located around the world

  • Open and visualize Creo View files that are in iTunes File Sharing, a Cloud Storage app or delivered as an email attachment

Creo View Mobile Quick Tour

Michael DistlerPTC产品营销总监,在Creo View Mobile 发布时做的简短演示。无论您身在何处,Creo View Mobile都能让您随时展示您的产品。